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SourceGroup employs Harris CareTracker software, a comprehensive, fully integrated practice management and electronic medical record solution that was developed from the ground up to streamline your medical office revenue cycle and the management and maintenance of clinical data. We are certified to install, provide training for, service and support all Harris CareTracker products.

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Practice Management

Harris CareTracker Practice Management (PM) is a web-based application that enables providers to achieve greater efficiency by:

  • Streamlining front desk processes to eliminate redundancies

  • Optimizing first pass claims

  • Monitoring provider contracts

  • Substantially reducing work on follow-up efforts

  • Assessing and measuring staff and provider performance






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With built-in work flow rules, user alerts, and real-time reporting functionality, Harris CareTracker PM delivers the flexibility needed to manage administrative issues before they become problems.

Boost Accuracy

Get it right the first time. With CareTracker PM, your practice can automate time-consuming administrative tasks, such as scheduling appointments, issuing reminders, checking eligibility, documenting patient visits, and submitting claims. In addition, decision support helps clients verify and validate the accuracy of information, maximizing cash flow.

Manage Billing and Revenue Cycle Functions

This powerful solution enables you to manage billing and revenue cycle management functions and improve reimbursement and processing efficiency by reducing errors related to eligibility verification and incorrect coding. It also enhances billing and accounts receivable through prioritization, alerts, and easy access to information. Working this process on an "exception" basis helps achieve stronger results.

Key Features

This online application features a sophisticated infrastructure within a simple user experience that:

  • Automates patient scheduling and registration, verifying eligibility at every step

  • Scrubs outgoing claims prior to submission, maximizing your "pay at first pass"

  • Returns to payers daily to check claim status

  • Monitors contracts for underpayment

  • Routes issues to billing staff and managers, ensuring accountability at all levels

  • Easy access from any web-connected device

CareTracker PM helps your practice achieve greater efficiency by streamlining day-to-day operations.

  • Your administrative and clinical records systems communicate with each other to eliminate time wasted trying to identify and troubleshoot inconsistencies

  • Appointment no-shows are just as important to track as denied claims, so each staff member responsible for specific areas of your business is prompted to identify the cause of anything that impacts a provider's reimbursement

  • Audit tools by operator hold your team accountable

CareTracker's innovative approach connects practices with key stakeholders, monitors practice work flow with supportive knowledge and rules, offers an easy-to-use application experience, and provides local installation, maintenance and support services.

Information Unchained; Total System Transparency

SourceGroup manages your revenue cycle and patient clinical records utilizing CareTracker's ultra-secure, cloud-based software platform, providing autonomous data access whenever and wherever you need it, from patient demographics and clinical information to appointment schedules, practice financial and production data, A/R, claims management reports, and more.

You will be thoroughly trained to use CareTracker to better understand your practice revenue cycle. Consequently, you can see how we’re doing at all times. We consider this bi-lateral transparency a hallmark of our craft - a necessity in establishing complete accountability.

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Electronic Medical Record

Harris CareTracker Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is a fully integrated electronic medical record solution that supports both the clinical and the administrative sides of the clinical practice by:

  • Automating clinical workflows

  • Strengthening the patient-physician experience

  • Simplifying connectivity to pharmacies, labs, hospitals, etc.

Patient Demographics

Clinical Today Schedule

Progress Note Documentation

Electronic Prescribing

Test Results

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CareTracker EMR is a web-based application that's fully integrated with all the operational functions of the practice. Pulling charts, approving refill requests, and signing lab results are just a click away. This simplicity strengthens the patient provider experience, improves quality, and reduces costs.

Manage Workflow with Ease and Accountability

With CareTracker, your providers can introduce a new method of managing tasks that streamlines the work and provides them with comfort that there is accountability to address patient issues promptly. For example, CareTracker receives faxed lab results so they cannot get lost, and prescription refill requests can be processed day or night. In addition, all clinical messages, from paper mail to dictated notes, are monitored, measured, and escalated if they need attention. Clinical managers will appreciate such easy controls, and caregivers will be receptive to the positive change in workflow.

Manage by Exception

Most providers welcome clinical input but do not need "in-your-face" reminders. CareTracker uses decision support to add value and improve the experience. Out-of-norm lab results are highlighted in red. Drug interaction and guidelines of care make critical information available to see or enter without adding documentation time. Practice-wide protocols monitor patient populations within a practice. Automated lists are generated to remind patients and providers where follow-up care may be appropriate. By working this process on an exception basis, Harris CareTracker EMR can help you achieve lower costs, greater revenue, and measurable quality.

Key Features

With CareTracker EMR, your providers can introduce a new method of managing tasks that streamlines the work and provides them with the comfort of knowing that there is accountability to address patient issues promptly.

  • Process prescription refill requests 24 hours a day.

  • Monitor, measure, and escalate all clinical messages.

  • Provide chart summaries, flow sheets, registry flags, and clinical notes with the click of a mouse.

  • Give caregivers the option to use as little or as much structure and decision support as they desire, with options for voice, point-and-click, and free-text fields.

  • Allow physicians to transition to an EMR without working more hours or sacrificing revenue.

  • Give easy access from any web-connected device.

  • All patient information is just a click away.

  • Any activity that has not been completed is transparent to the management team, which encourages quality improvement.

  • Pay-for-performance tracking and audits add value without impeding workflow.

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